Destination Brazil

Obtaining visas and immigration-related documents in Brazil is often frustrating and time consuming with lots of red-tape involved. Very often we hear visas into Brazil are stereotyped as daunting, complex and take several months to be approved. For us, this is a bias, coming from one that may have been poorly or mis helped by vendors. For Living In Brazil®, this Process is Swift and remains virtually invisible to the transferee and employer.


Many times, we work directly through legal representations and benefit from a great behind the scenes network of several providers (sworn translators, notaries, facilitators, etc) which solidifies our infra-structure and makes the process as cost efficient as possible.


We provide Every Type of Visa:


  • Short term: Tourism, Business, Student and Technician

  • Two year or long term work permit

  • Exchange specialized labor agreement (blankets)

  • Officer visaFamily reunification

  • Residency due to a Brazilian spouse, child, and immediate family members

  • Investor

  • Retiree

  • Legal status adjustment from temporary to permanent residence

  • and we Facilitate Citizenship.


Work authorization and a visa are only a step in entering Brazil, and a number of local registrations post visa must be applied for in order to guarantee foreigners' full legal status in Brazil:


  • Registration with local Federal Police

  • Foreign ID

  • Local Employment Agency registration

  • Driver's license

  • Tax Payer I.D. and social insurance

  • Registration with Consulates


Our Cost Advantage works for you with:


  • Personal accompaniment, when required, to agencies with a bilingual consultant

  • Car transportation between locations

  • Accompiment at ministries, police and other public agencies for interviews, fingerprints and signatures

  • Legal representation by working through the powers of attorney

  • We guarantee no waiting or wasted time, and no needless bureaucracy

  • Follow-up and through on work permit/visa/Ids expiration dates

  • Counseling on precedures for cancelation of documents prior to the return home


Our fees include file management through the entire documentation process.

Departure from Brazil

Transferees' legal and foreigner status must Remain Protected even after they are repatriated for such reasons as the transferees never know when they will be re-assigned back to Brazil; local employers do need to keep their records clear for government and tax purposes. They also never know when they will need to apply for visas for other forigners.


As we Foresee Future Situations and as the company and transferees' legal representatives in Brazil, we, to release employers / shelters and expats, we follow through the cancellation of the following files, which are but not limited to:


  • Any visa category

  • Work Permit

  • Foreign ID

  • Tax domicile transfer - avoiding double taxation

  • Social Insurance

  • DL

  • Others


Companies and Expats and families enjoy not seeing all bureacracy, fomalities, the time and energy consuming stages, and not even having to deal with the long calls, the applications forms, the filing fees payments and the follow ups and through of every single step through approvals. All those daunting stages are taken care by our Paperwork area, inbound and outbound, and by our on the ground consultants in different cities and neighborhoods.  We enjoy a network Fast Track and effective result driven local resources, being on site, on field and wordwide present. And, between end to end, we enjoy the  greatest behind- the-scenes network of several by-us certified providers (sworn translators, interpreters, notaries, related lawyers and facilitators, etc) which makes our infra-structure as solid and very costly effective as it could be.


We stand for our Compliant Attitude and aproach, so we either work through legal representation or proxy, so as to ease the way.


Usual paperwork tasks are:


- Second and updated brith, marriage and divorce certifucates

- Second and updated diplomas and school records

- Check list and required documents and information

- Notarization

- Certification

- Legalization - Consulates, embassies, Ministry of External Affairs

- Veterinarian, Customs, Ministry of Agriculture and Zoo, Affiliated doctors

- Diploma validation / equalization (universities, education agency (MEC) and union

- Certificates, documents, etc as needed

FAQ  - Frequently Asked Questions

Work Visa


1) Do I need a visa to enter Brazil?

Some countries have reciprocity with Brazil for visas so only a stamp by airport immigration at destination suffices, while others require visa approved by consulate/embassy abroad. Before you decide to travel to any country on Business or Tourism, check with the local Embassy/Consulate of the country where you are traveling to, if your country has a reciprocity agreement with the country or if you need to get a visa in advance. If yes, please follow the consulates instructions.


2) Do I need visa to work in Brazil?

No foreigner can work in Brazil without a work permit. For such a purpose, one always needs a local sponsoring company that can meet all government / labor and social laws requirement.  a Long list of documents and information is required from assignee, family,  the home employer and receiving company at destination, both for Labor Authorities and Immigration agencies of the destination country.


3) How long does it take to have my work visa approved?

Beware some stereotypes have been built by some people (companies and assignees) that may have had bad experience with some vendors and peculiar situations that Brazil is a difficult country to issue visas.  That is a bias.  Our standard approval of a visa, starting the filing say is average of 45 days.  We are pround to say the complete work permit, visa and post visa local registrations can be all done in less than 90 days.


4) Can I start working in Brazil before I have a Work Permit approved? 

No, you can only be on payroll of the destination country and be entitled to salary, social coverage and local benefits after you reach your legal status (see item 3 above).  We advise you remain on payroll of your home country employer until your Work Permit, visa and Brazilian formalities are concluded. On the other hand, one is not restricted to conduct business on short stays.


5) Is my visa issued by the Labor Authorities?

No, the Labor Authorities approve the Work Permit; the visa is issued by your Brazilian Embassy/Consulate of your home twon. The visa category will be based on what the petition was filed for. See Immigration section on this site.


6) Can my spouse, as my dependant, work in Brazil?

Some countries authorize employment for dependants of a Work Permit holder. In Brazil, only some work permit categories allow dependents to work (full time job, on company payroll and under social coverage). Check that before you commit to any plan.


7) Which are the visa categories based on family-sponsorship?

Permanent visa due to a marriage to a resident or citizen; Permanent visa due to local born; Family reunification.



Local Formalities:


8) Can I drive in Brazil with my home country driver's license?

Some countries allow you to drive with your home country driver's license for a short period of time; others will require an International Driver's License ( which can be acquired at AAA or your countries automobile association). These are interim driver's licenses. You will definitely have to apply for a local one, once you reach your legal satus in Brazil as a resident. The process is time consuming.


9) Do I need to take a driving test to obtain a driver's license in Brazil?

Brazilian driving system has become one of the most severe traffic codes. Tests and exams are taken in local language, so expatriates must learn Portuguese first.  Sight, psycho, medical, written and deffensive driving courses are required.  One needs professional help to get through this process.


10) What abount high speed tickets, alcohol level test, penalties, etc?

A driver is Brazil, when not compliant to the driving code, may lose his/her DL and may undergo several tests before regaining the right to drive again.  Beware to High speed penalties as well as alcohol in your blood.  Brazil is zero tolerant to alcohol.


11) Do I need a taxpayer ID in the destination country?

Yes, you will need it to be able to open a bank account, savings, build credit history, lease a car, get paid and especially to be able to hook up your own utilities.


12) Once I get my visa, am I considered a legal resident in the destination country? 

No, you'll be only considered a legal resident when you get your local Ids: - all formalities post visa.  Check section on immigration on this site.