Starting a Business

Brazil is a promising country for investments, business opportunities and sophisticated and high-caliber labor (very often for exceptional abilities and managerial positions) and for a skilled and unskilled workforce. It is one of the most broadcasted emerging countries for many years, and one of the most favorable FDI destination from super economies.


The country has been enjoying a sustained growth period for years, and has been increasing its exports significantly since export policies were debureaucratized and encouraged with incentives.


In keeping with our mission, we Counsel, Strategize, Help Design and Implement and Support and Aid new entry level companies as they set up business in Brazil. We explore options, provide intelligent alternatives and maintenance efforts throughout the entire start-up phase. Staying with our mission, we make new investment entrants realize the greatest value of investing in the Brazilian market at a low cost, zero contingencies and high ROI.


We offer advice for:


  • All types of incorporation  - see next page on Incorporation

  • Office Location- Costs Analysis for operating costs

  • Furnishing

  • Manpower and infrastructure networks of several vendors.

  • Accounting, Book-keeping and Taxation

  • Facilitating Foreign Investments clearance before Central Bank (BACEN) and private banks

  • Intellectual Property (INPI) and Brand/Trade registration

  • On going support

  • Back office


We promote In Depth Discussions covering all aspects - end to end.  We listen, counsel and advise for all types of incorporation - the Limitada is the most common in Brazil for foreign investments (Limited Liability Company - LLC). There are other available forms of incorporation, from sole proprietorship to S.A. (IPO, C or S Corporation). Client chooses and incorporate only after understanding the pros and cons of each category.


We incorporate, document and file articles of incorporation.  We represent you legally before ministries and government agencies and during the incorporation stage. Before incorporating in Brazil, we advise our clients to carry out an in-depth study on tax, labor and social structure, as well as overall costs associated per locations.


We are strategic thinkers, lawyers, tax advisors and CPA's that address those concerns on a local and worldwide level, minimizing costs and personal stress. We are those people you would like to have on your side, advocating for your best interests, anticipating your needs and avoiding contingencies on your behalf, being you a company or individual investor.

Mobile Human Capital Policies

We are affiliated with the best international relocation councils, and enjoy a significant network of Relocation Policy designers and researchers. We can help benchmark the foremost current terms of conduct within your industry and others, carry cost analysis, tax/benefits equalization and perks relevant to human capital mobility that become a key determining element for international assignment acceptance (employer/employee).


We assess corporate clients needs and budgets and the assignee's level of satisfaction and needs. We advise, help create, write and implement international assignment policies and correspondence models; we help update and enhance existing policies, and implement changes. We are in constant search of common and best practices, making them comparative and thus competitive elements for talent retention by our corporate clients.

Immigration & Legal Services

We are a team of lawyers, paralegals and GRs (Government relations) and IRs (international relations), with years of experience and exposure. Local labor policies very often conflict with foreign labor statute. Companies and new investors should be wary about migration law specifics (inbound and outbound) before setting their operations, implementing projects and planning to bring in foreign labor. We enjoy Long Term Vision, so we think of departure / assignment termination contingencies while working with expatriation.


Our company's core business is immigration, and we are proud to say we haven't had one single case unresolved during our existence due to our abilities to anticipate scenarios and to counsel clients on the do's and dont's. Proud, as well to say, that we have rescued several handed over cases (subject to denial) for our clients, by performing retroactive long term consulting.  Results have been effectively astonishing!


For us to be effective, we need to assess employers' needs and budget, keeping in their frame of business needs and tax and social dues so that any financial burden is minimized. We create alternative situations to every case in order for our clients to make the most suitable decision. We personalize our services to visas per volume (for projects) as well as secondment labor and special files, so that we may minimize costs, social and fiscal taxes (locally and worldwide).

Income Tax & Tax Equalization

Our tax services are performed by an interdisciplinary team of accountants, tax advisers and tax specialized lawyers, ensuring the highest quality services.

The accurate identification of profit opportunities, with the appropriate planning of the tax effects on the company’s operations, as well as complying with the tax authority regulations, can make the difference between success and failure of an organization.


- We use our expertise and qualifications to support the clients, being them Companies or Individuals in actual taxation

- And we are specialized in the area of Tax Equalization and Tax Protection for Companies and their expatriates for hypothetical study.


For Corporations, we deliver tax advisory for:

- Reduction of tax liabilities

- Federal, State and Municipal corporate taxes

- Indirect taxes planning (Value added tax, consumption tax, etc)

- Remuneration packages for directors and employees, cost of living effects, etc

- Social security contribution advice

- Transfer pricing and tax effects on international trade

- Tax treaties and cross-border transactions

- Taxes on intellectual property/Royalties and

- Tax due diligence procedures.


For Expatriation Tax Equalization purpose, we understand and work with virtually- all worldwide tax jurisdictions,


 - Assisting companies in the implementation of Tax Equalization/Protection Global policies

 - Developing and implementing Tax Protection Programs and

 - Advising and filing Taxes for expats. 

Surveys, Studies & Reports

With more than 20 years of experience in the Brazilian market, we reach success through our alliance with many firms specialized in profiling, COL- country and city studies and comparable analysis based on Market Knowledge, Sound Research and Parameters and Innovative Tools of our business partners.


For extensive reports, we partner with (Business  Expansion Consultants), with + 15 years presence in Brazil, USA and Mexico, that has also developed other global networks.

Through this association, Setup Global makes available reports to our clients in Brazil or in Latin America, in Spanish and other languages. Similarly, Setup Global offers a “market research” service for companies wishing to analyze and study a specific market segments in Brazil, tailor-made to the clients’ needs and definitions.  To learn more, visit


For short studies on Brazilian cities, Real Estate market (rent/buy), schooling, COL, etc, Living in Brazil enjoys a savvy professional network in every Brazilian city that makes possible reports in shortest time possible to our clients. Clients rely on these reports to design policies or benefits.

City Profiling and C.O.L for Expats

We enjoy a great specialists' network on the ground, savvy in different industry segments, and different cities and countries, so that a wide array of information - costs, availability, studies, specifics - can help our corporate clients better decide when budgeting for assignments or negotiating fringe benefits with potential assignees.


We carry Cost Studies for:


  • Cars - lease, rental and purchase

  • Housing - rent and purchase

  • Temporary accommodation, hotels, etc

  • Cost of Living

  • Schools - public, private, bilingual and international

  • Furnishing - rent and purchase

  • Domestic Help in general

  • City specifics, customs, cultural, socialization, continued education, Associations, etc